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"FEED THE DOG" by Brock Gill

Group Leader: Rocky & Mindy Burnell
When: Saturdays 5pm
Where: 3340 Wilmington Rd. Lebanon, OH 45036
Childcare: No

In this study of, Feed The Dog, by Brock Gill we will discuss seven spiritual disciplines (worship, Scripture reading, prayer, solitude, fasting, ministry, and community) that will help us get started on the road to Christ-likeness. Each section is accompanied by Scripture verses and discussion questions that can be used to jumpstart group discussions. This study is written with teenagers in mind, and will encourage them to grow in their relationship with Jesus. We will be discussing the difference between the Spirit and the flesh, and how feeding the latter rather than the former can leave you hungry, thirsty, and unsatisfied. You can buy the book on Amazon for $15.