By: Pastor Matt Morgan

But this kind does not go out except by prayer and fasting.

Matthew 17:21 NASB

Fasting doesn't change God, it changes us. Fasting doesn't break God down, it breaks you down. It is not manipulating God, it honors God. Fasting is not a food strike to get our agenda passed.
Fasting is a position of total obedience and humbling of one’s self. Fasting creates an empty space. From here, we can pray more effectively and fervently. Fasting while praying removes the clutter from our lives.

It pushes things out so that more of God can come in. Fasting is an invitation. It is the expression of a heart that says I want more of you, God. In fasting, I break out of my normal routine in pursuit of God's presence and favor.

Finally, fasting is an act of worship. It is not ordered or mandated, it is voluntarily done. It is saying to God, “I present my body as a living sacrifice, now do with me as you please.”

Thank you for your sacrificial participation in this time of fasting. Without a doubt we will reap the rewards of this act throughout the year! Remember: fasting alone is futile. It’s like a car without fuel, a gun without bullets, a life without purpose. You cannot, cannot, cannot fast without prayer. So fast faithfully and pray fervently this week, and let’s encounter God together!