Deliverance from Addiction

Dec 8, 2021    Terri Spradlin
For 12 years, she suffered. She tried everything to get breakthrough, but still her condition remained. Finally, she heard about a man named Jesus who could heal her. She pushed through a crowd of people, struggling through her shame and condemnation, just to touch the hem of His garment because she knew that just a touch would make her well. In Mark 5, we read the story of a woman whose faith brought her deliverance and in today's episode we hear a similar story unfold in the life of someone in our church family: Terri Spradlin. Like the woman in the Bible, Terri battled an issue for 12 years. However, Terri's battle was addiction to alcohol and even though she wanted deliverance, it wasn't until she had a supernatural encounter with God that she found true freedom. Like the woman in Mark 5, Terri had to take the first step and participate in her deliverance by seeking out an accountability and prayer partner who could help her along this journey. In this episode, Terri shares her story of radical healing and how this healing has changed her life. Be sure to share this episode with anyone you know that's battling an addiction or someone who is walking alongside someone who is struggling with an addiction. We're celebrating this miracle with Terri as she tells the world that she is an "overcomer by the blood of the Lamb and the word of her testimony" (Revelation 12:11)!!