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FOP Groups

At FOP Church, we are "full of purpose". One way that we do life together as a church family is through our FOP Groups. These small groups of 8-15 people meet in four sessions over the course of the year for 8-weeks at a time. We want to see every member of our church family engaged in community. If you're new to our FOP Church family: welcome home! Getting plugged into an FOP Group is one of the first ways that you can get to know your church family. Whether that's through a curriculum-based study or an interest-based group, we can't wait to get to know you better in our FOP Groups!

CARE Groups

In 2020, we started our FOP Church Womens Podcast, tackling tough issues that are widely undiscussed among Christian women. From those podcast episodes, so many of the ladies in our church family began connecting with each other over these shared struggles and it quickly became apparent that there was a real need to carry out the "repair" portion of our FOP Church Mission Statement. That's how our Compassion CARE Ministry Groups were birthed!! Through Christ-centered teaching and nurturing, the purpose of our CARE Groups is to bring healing, deliverance, and wholeness into the lives of women. We share our struggles and sufferings without condemnation or judgment and desire to foster a harmonious community that lift one another up to our God given potential. These groups of up to 10 participants meet during each FOP Groups session throughout the year to provide support to women who are facing specific issues like suicide, divorce, loss of a child, and so many others. You can sign up to participate in a CARE Group below. Remember: you are not alone!

Session 1

January 23 - March 19, 2022
(8 weeks)

January 2

Session 2

April 3 - May 28, 2022
(8 weeks)

March 13

Super Summer Session

July 3 - August 13, 2022
(6 weeks)

June 12

Session 3

September 11 - November 5, 2022
(8 weeks)

August 21