By: Elle Buell

Death and life are in the power of the tongue... (Proverbs 18:21 AMP)
And never let ugly or hateful words come from your mouth, but instead let your words become beautiful gifts that encourage others; do this by speaking words of grace to help them. The Holy Spirit of God has sealed you in Jesus Christ until you experience your full salvation. So never grieve the Spirit of God or take for granted his holy influence in your life. Lay aside bitter words, temper tantrums, revenge, profanity, and insults. But instead be kind and affectionate toward one another. Has God graciously forgiven you? Then graciously forgive one another in the depths of Christ’s love. (Ephesians 4:29-32 TPT)

The other day I found myself so annoyed by chores I had to do around the house. I was upset that Travis hadn’t helped me complete these chores, and I was grumbling and bitter. Within moments of this “self-made” pity party, my husband calls. 
Option 1: I explode on him with all my feelings about how unhelpful he is. This makes him upset and leaves us both feeling hateful toward each other the rest of the day. 
Option 2: Rather than blow up all my hatefulness on him, I ask him how his day is going and we make plans for the rest of the day. When he gets home from work, I’m able to kindly ask him how we can be a better team at keeping the house clean and organized.  
Either of these outcomes are fueled by THE TONGUE. Moreover, Travis’ response is 90 percent based on how I speak to him. Likewise, there is “death” and/or “life” in the power of your tongue today. Will you use it to “graciously forgive?” Or will you use it for “bitter words, temper tantrums and revenge?”? The choice is yours today. Ask God to help you to use your words for life, and to help you always make your words “beautiful gifts that encourage others”.