FOP COnnect Online

BEFORE YOU GET STARTED, you can download the FOP Connect Handbook below. In the booklet you'll have a copy of the Spiritual Giftings Assessment and all the information we'll work through in each video. We hope you'll download the handbook, use it in this course, and keep it for future reference!! You never know what you might discover about yourself and how God can use you for His glory.


In FOP Connect Part One: Vision,  you have an opportunity to learn all about FOP Church, our history, mission and vision for the future! Below is the video you need to watch to complete this portion of FOP Connect Online. Be sure to fill out the PART ONE REVIEW in the link below the video after you've watched the 17 minute video!


We love Part Two: Purpose because this is where we get to learn all about you!! We hope you'll learn a few things about yourself too.
  1. FIRST, below is a link to the Spiritual Giftings Assessment. Take the assessment to learn about the giftings the God put inside you!
  2. THEN,  watch the video below to complete the second part of FOP Connect Online . 
  3. FINALLY, be sure to keep your test results for the Part Two Review, and stop by the Welcome Center to get your free FOP T-shirt!

You DID iT.

You've completed the FOP Connect Online Course! If you've taken both Part One and Part Two Reviews, then you can come pick up your T-shirt at our Welcome Center any Sunday before or after service. We can't wait to see you there!

Are you ready to jump in as a volunteer at FOP Church!?
Here's the Volunteer Orientation Packet below: