Jun 22, 2022    Megan Britton, Bobbi Morgan & Elle Buell

"Motherhood is lonely in a weird way." When you're talking about single motherhood, there's really two parts to discuss: the single part (being without a partner), and the mother part (raising children). Megan Britton talks about her journey as a single mom in this episode where we really focus in on how she dealt with the "breakup aspect" of single motherhood, all while being a mom to four kids in various stages of life. She talks about processing moments of fear and abandonment, and when she realized she needed some additional help from a counselor to work through some of those feelings. Megan is so brave to share her story, and we hope that all the moms doing it on their own will find hope in her story!! Be sure to share this episode with your friends and family who could benefit from this conversation, and join us next week as we tackle:

single MOM

... the motherhood aspect of being a single mom and handling all the things that come along with split households. Click share and join us again next week!!