Single MOM

Jul 13, 2022    Megan Britton, Bobbi Morgan & Elle Buell

"The big thing when you're splitting time with kids is to not be so selfish." When you're talking about single motherhood, there's really two parts to discuss: the single part (being without a partner), and the mother part (raising children). In this episode with Megan Britton, we're discussing specifically the "motherhood" portion of being a single mom. She talks about sharing your kids on holidays and other events, how she's worked through building a new dream for her family, and why she's always chosen to NOT be bitter. We're so thankful to have Megan sharing her story with us, and we hope that this episode brings some peace to a single mom who might still be dealing with "fear of the unknown" in their future. Spoiler alert: God's got you!! Be sure to SHARE, SHARE, SHARE this episode with any of the women in your life that could use a little hope on the topic of being a single MOM.