Jul 27, 2022    Savannah Norris, Whitney Northern, Elle Buell

Identity... just knowing who you are and why you're here has become a question too many women struggle with every day, especially women in the Body of Christ. By nature we are constantly comparing ourselves to others, criticizing ourselves for mistakes or perceived mistakes, and even struggling to feel comfortable in our own skin. In this episode Savannah Norris discusses how broken she was grappling with some of these questions and how she came to a place of confidence in knowing who she is according to God. She shares scriptures that have helped her through low seasons, and she shares how our culture both inside and outside the church played a role in her journey to breakthrough. Be sure to SHARE, SHARE, SHARE this episode with any of the women in your life that you know could benefit from an honest conversation among Christian women! If you have a testimony to share with us (related or not related to this episode/ topic) be sure to share your story with us at so that we can celebrate with you!!